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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with word that a terror group other than isil were close to conducting a terror attack. but for the first time since this campaign began, fighter jets in syria carrying out deadly attacks will stop there were also arab nations alongside of them. >> it makes it clear to the world this is not america's fight alone. in the people governments of the middle east sil.rejecting i >> the f -- a faded -- undertaken to prevent imminent attacks. >> while they would not they the plot had been imported -- >> our initial indication was these strikes were successful. but it's also only the beginning. both terror groups continue to recruit foreign fighters, including u.s. citizens willing
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to carry out lands. secretary kerry addressed the united nations. but the minds of these young men and women are poisoned by terrorists to brainwash them into committing unspeakable atrocities. >> the pentagon assessing did damage of these attacks and whether any leaders of these groups were killed stop all of this on top of the other strikes owing on in iraq, killing close to 200 right now. if president obama is making a point that the u.s. is not going into this battle alone. military forces from jordan, saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are assisting in the operation. that cooperation is unprecedented. stay with abc 74 complete attack. for more on the for more information, turned to us on and on twitter.
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we will have the latest tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 will stop a well-known name in virginia politics they be preparing for a national campaign. today, former u.s. senator from virginia, jim webb, says he is seriously looking into a run president will stop webb says his biggest concern is whether he has enough of a support race to make a white house run. the democrats as he had to announce his decision the next four or five months. this first full day of fall, we have had some chilly temperatures. doug hill joins us to tell us how cool it could get tonight and what things would be like tomorrow morning will stop >> 67 degrees out side the belfort were sure weather center. check out the live camera at national harbor and the sun getting low in the western sky making for a beautiful sunset around the region.
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73 at reagan national. in morningside. temperatures dropping into the 60's with partly cloudy skies and overnight, staying partly cloudy. 47 to 58 degrees. tomorrow, a whole different pattern. the storm system along the coast in helping and we will have rain with the timing and rainfall amounts in just a few minutes. breakingaction to a story we brought you at 4:00 this afternoon. unanimouslyncil passes a bill allowing for the carrying of concealed weapons under certain conditions. dz bureau chief sam ford spent the day with the council and is outside the wilson buildings with the details. unanimoushe vote was for the concealed carry law, looking at the council here today, the sentiment seemed to be unanimously against it will ask bce residence at
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random what they think of making a new concealed carry law -- >> i don't like the idea of concealed weapons. but neither does the d.c. council. that was clear at a breakfast eating this morning stop but after a judge struck down the law, they had to pass something to keep guns out of as many hands as possible pulled up we don't want to encourage more somebody whop >> understands and respects firearms and has the lowest possible risk of misusing the firearm. no guns would be allowed in most public places and bars and 18 hours of mandatory gun training full >> i would like to see us not act on this now. but i will vote for it. >> councilmember david grasso said publicizing names of everyone with a concealed carry license.
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like she might have an issue with somebody or maybe you want to develop a relationship with somebody for a long-term, you might want to know whether they are carrying a pistol. >> without it, the emergency bill went to a final vote. >> a federal judge who struck down the city half law stayed his ruling until october 22, so if the passage of this emergency legislation, the city should have a law in late by then all stop even as the city does that, the city is planning to appeal the judge's ruling and the attorney who successfully struck down the city's old law is x acted to challenge this new law as well. >> a former prince george's county police officer convicted a university of
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maryland student after a basketball game and now has a clean criminal record. james harrison was convicted two years ago on one count of second-degree assault. he served 30 days of home detention and now a judge has overturned the conviction at harrison's. the student beaten in this video says it is frightening that a judge could rule out the conviction with no explanation. toit would have been nice see someone held responsible for their actions that night. after this, they pretty much got off scott free. was cleared ofer wrongdoing. officer harrison was allowed to retire with full pension before the case went to trial. lasting news -- within the 10 minutes about the search for missing uva student hannah graham. charlottesville police tell abc seven they will speak at the clock about their search efforts. graham was last seen in charlottesville in the early
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morning of the number 13. the president of the university of virginia says the school will increase patrols and expanded safe ride program. please are searching for jesse matthew. you can watch the news conference live from charlottesville on our sister station. up next, a warning about the ebola outbreak this eb -- the cdc says could infect more than a million people by the end of this year. plus, visible changes to security outside the white house and signs a
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> a terrifying prediction from the centers for disease control about the spread of ebola in west africa. unless efforts are ramped up, 1.4 million people could be infected by the end of january. that's just in liberia and sierra leone. the number of ebola cases is mountaineering excels and dashed over 2800 people have died from the disease and health officials say there are not enough hospital beds, health workers or even soap and water to treat the
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soaring number of victims. there are visible security upgrades at the white house days after a man jumped the fence and made it through the front doors. overnight, the secret service at another fence to the outer rotor, creating a buffer zone. the concrete rallyers were added today as well. some say the steps are unnecessary. you have to close out the whole thing. whoyou have a lot of taurus look forward to seeing the white house full >> the secret service is considering adding metal detectors. public hearing underway at this hour in prince george's county about the possible move of f he i headquarters to greenbelt. the first hearing was held in springfield, virginia. employeess 11,000
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will stop its current headquarters in downtown d.c. is considered out aided. a third site is in landover. new jersey governor and potential presidential hopeful, chris christie, told his supporters about a significant change in his personal life. the "new york times" reports he told gop donors he is lost 85 pounds in the past year. he made the comments responding to a question about his health as a possible presidential contender. he had lap band surgery in february of 2013. change tos take a big eliminate one of the oldest forms of financial payments will stop and a clear and cool start to the ball but changes are coming. hill is back with the timing of some rain. >> at the ballpark, the nationals are going fishing with the big prize inside.
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the redskins are rallying together as a family and rallying around cousins. we will hear from kirk cousins
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>> new at 6:00 -- arlington county leaders are prepared to vote in just a few minutes on a plan to award a $31 million contract to build street cars along columbia pike and crystal city. the vote comes as the board announces a redesign plan for so-called super stops that would serve a streetcar line as well as existing arlington buses. county leaders ordered a review after the prototype for the 24 stations cost more than $800,000 to build. under the new land, the 23 remaining stops would be billed for about $12 million for my 40% cost reduction and that's expected to begin late next year. side with a consumer alert about the growth of online banking. citibank is the latest ager bank to offer a checking account without checks. bank of america and chase offer similar accounts will stop but
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for those of you who prefer to write checks, big banks they it unlikely regular checking accounts will be phased out anytime soon. efforts to fight a massive wildfire in northern cal of ernie are increasing. an additional 2000 firefighters joined the battle today amidst warnings of wind gusts of 35 miles an hour and low humidity that could mark new flames. the wildfire east of sacramento threatens thousands of homes, 12 homes and nearly 60 out of things have been destroyed. winds ared anna picking up. >> they can't get a break there. >> our biggest worry is some showers tomorrow and thursday. dust andrain to get pollen down. we are in fine shape will stop a live look at the roof top camera with a lot of lose guys. i think if the clouds lineup
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just the right way, we could have another beautiful sunset like last night full up 73 at reagan national airport. 75 the official high in washington. degrees low the average of six degrees. at ew i thurgood marshall. rating in quantico and across the mid-atlantic, a very comfortable day. the farther north you were him south, to the south and an area of low pressure will consolidate somewhere around myrtle beach and move northward. circulation bringing the clouds and moisture in the form of rain. as his string of beautiful days moves out of the picture, it opens the door to high-pressure
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in the south of stop its acting together around high and the low, so we get a flow of easterly winds eating and low level moisture. all the ingredients are there to make it a rather cloudy day tomorrow with the likelihood of rain at times. spread toll the rain the west. scattered showers in the afternoon and steadier rain tomorrow night into thursday morning. the rain will come to an end thursday and we will see clearing as we had through thursday and friday. .his is one computer estimation west of i-95, quarter inch or half an inch to the east, you get closer to the coast but southern new jersey and delaware valley, maybe two and a half inches may fall, the closer to the coast, the closer to the storm, the heavier the rain all about.
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temperatures dropping into the mid-50's and the clouds increase in we get showers. we will keep the showers and the forecast on a clearing on write a. temperatures around 80 degrees. sportsnow, the toyota desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> tim brant is out with the mets tonight as they have their first home aim since clinching the division. >> a gorgeous night at the ballpark will stop than that are closer to clinching the home field advantage, so these are meaningful games. the marlinss swept and start a three game set tonight. washington has dominated new york with her in winds in the last 16 games. it was a nine and two road trip and this team is still getting better. the guys in the front office
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no to win in this league, you have to have it out. >> not really live in the past, but continue to lay clean baseball. that's the mission right now. stay laser focus. >> there's no question this team is laying like they are on a mission and have goals to reach. weekedskins have a short will that they will play the giant that the next field. if there's such a thing as a must win, this is it and kirk cousins has to get it. this is a guy who's laid extremely well and we thought against the eagles. he says he's just keeping the seat warm for rg iii. >> i won't change my statement that this is robert's team and i stand by that. he was drafted high for a reason. he has had success here and he
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has done nothing to have that the any different. if this is cemented my team -- my job to put him in a good spot will stop >> let me tell you this -- you better act as the starter because this team has to learn how to win will stop even last year when they were three and the income you talked to players and they said they were close. close doesn't get it. you've got to learn how to get it will stop the winter classic is coming here to this all part. you knew it but now they have made it official. what a turnout of dignitaries. the washington capitals and chicago blackhawks play new year's day. belief is new year's day used to be about college football and now new year's day is about the nhl.
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holiday isa national spectacular. >> spectacular indeed. before we get to hockey season, we have a lot of a football to be played. thisey don't the giants in all club continues to roll, this will be a baseball town all the way through the fall.
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>> tonight, we invite you to join us for an eye team investigation targeting taxicabs. one man's horror story -- why he says he was locked inside a cap our stop see what investigation found after the new abc drama, "forever." what is the latest on the weather? >> tomorrow, things should be changing. increasing cloudiness through the day. rain through the carolinas now and rain by tomorrow afternoon -- increasing cloudiness before a cool daytop thursday and the weekend looks great. >> world news tonight
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking news. the new bulletin from the fbi and homeland security here at home. after u.s.-led airstrikes on syria. what authorities are saying tonight. also, another major development. was the next 9/11 plot in the works? bombs that could get through airport security and onto planes headed to the u.s. brian ross and martha raddatz with late details. also tonight, for the first time, we now hear from one of america's most wanted. entire communities on lockdown, where they think he is tonight. the heist. the american city, 22 cars stolen, right off the lot. you will see the surveillance video and watch right there. tearing the car keeps right off the wall. and, under fire. she's only been miss america for less than two weeks, and she's already explaining herself.


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